Is it easy to make Animations and Speedpaints using Photoshop Elements 7?

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Tabby asked:

I’m not sure if it can animate, but I do wonder if its good for speedpaintintg and animating. If you think Photoshop Cs3 is better than Photoshop Elements 7 to animate, please say so. Also, how much does Photoshop Elements 7 and Photoshop Cs3 cost? Thanks.


One Response to “Is it easy to make Animations and Speedpaints using Photoshop Elements 7?”
  1. Mujer Alta says:

    I don’t know what “speedpainting” is but I’ve used Elements to animate for ages. Both Elements and Photoshop make GIF animations. I’ve heard that PS allows the use of key frames. If I want to use key frames, I make my frames in Elements, save each layer separately as jpgs then open them in SquirlzMorph (free morphing program), place the control points I need….and my frames then become key frames. I can adjust the smoothing, warping, frame rate, etc. and I can save as Flash, GIF or AVI.

    Both Elements 7 and PS CS3 are older versions and aren’t sold by Adobe or its resellers anymore. You’d have to look them up on eBay to find out what they’re selling for. I can tell you that Elements is going to be cheaper than Photoshop.

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